With the holidays upon us, you'll always run across those who are hard to buy for. If they're not from Yakima, there is a very simple solution. Get them something hyper-local to Yakima as it's something they won't be able to find where they currently are. If they used to live in Yakima and have since moved away, consider these gift ideas as well as a little piece of home.

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    McBros Apples

    Yakima is known, worldwide, for their apples. McBros can ship a full box of premium quality apples to anywhere in the US. They even provide them in a special gift box.

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    Mick's Pepper Jelly

    Mick's has been making a pepper jelly in Yakima since 1982 and you can taste with the perfection with each bite. They have a wide variety of pepper jelly available from roasted garlic pepper jelly to beer jelly. Both for dipping and spreads as well as a marinade for meat. Super good, especially for snack fanatics.

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    Deccio's Seasoning

    First of all, the name is "Deccio" so that tells you it's from Yakima right there. You can get an all purpose seasoning that goes great with anything, salad seasoning and ranch dressing/dip. Everyone should at least have Deccio's Famous all Purpose Seasoning in their spice rack at all times.

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    %22Yakima%22 apparel

    From shirts to sweaters to hoodies to jackets, consider getting them a shirt or something with Yakima on it. They have several varieties in a few stores in town, including Rosauers on 72nd. If you shop at Rosauers you can even get West Valley-specific gear. Perfect for any former Rams who have since moved away from Yakima.

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    Local Wine and Beer

    With all of the beer and wine we have in the valley, no doubt a great gift idea would be to give someone some local wine or beer that's made right here in the Yakima valley. Tons of wineries and few local breweries to choose from, if they're a fan you can't go wrong.

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