Sometimes when you're trying to catch'em all, you'll run out of pokeballs. Instead of spending money you can simply stop by a pokestop get gain some free items. As you're traveling around Yakima looking for the best way to get more pokeballs, eggs and other items, here are some awesome places for Pokestops in Yakima.

  • Downtown Yakima

    So many Pokestops and a few gyms no matter where you go. Perfect opportunity to grab something to eat outside and hunt Pokemon at the same time.

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  • Sarg Hubbard Park

    I love this park, I love the scenery and I love how many Pokestops there are here, too. Until I find one better, this is the best park in Yakima for Pokemon.

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  • YVCC Campus

    Another great location with a couple of gyms and about 14 Pokestops. It's also fun just to walk through campus. Just make sure you don't make anyone late for class.

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  • Memorial Hospital

    You'd never think to go to a hospital to play a video game, but with a few Pokestops and a gym all in that same block radius, it's not a bad idea.

  • Randall Park

    Now, even though Randall Park only has 3 Pokestops and a gym, it's where those Pokestops are located that make it great. They're all by the playground so bring your kids here to play and, while they're playing, check back in ever 5 minutes or so to re-stock.

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