The other day my daughter came home from school telling me that she had a bag of milk. Confused, I thought maybe she was talking about something else so I asked her about it some more and she made it as clear as she could that her school has bags of milk instead of cartons. I asked my sister, who works for the school district, to snap a picture of it and, sure enough, my daughter was right.

According to my sister, she said it saves on "garbage space" which makes sense. I'm not sure about the durability of these compared to cartons. I'm also not sure how they expect to turn old cartons into little houses for arts and crafts. But, just so you know because I thought it was interesting, public schools are now serving milk in bags.

Another one of my sisters mentioned that putting the straw in the bag is reminiscent of jabbing an adrenaline needle into a heart.

What do you think? Do you think this way is better? Tell us in the comments.