If you're like most of Yakima, when referring to Yakima Valley Community College, you just simply refer to it as 'YVC'. Nice and simple. The problem is you intentionally leave out the final C. Why? I'm sure you've been calling it YVC your whole life and never questioned it. In fact, it sounds a little weird when you hear someone say YVCC, doesn't it?

Here's why we say YVC instead of YVCC.

The reason probably comes from your parents or elders who called it YVC because at one time it was YVC. Before the community college system, it was Yakima Valley College. YVC.

Yakima dwells on the past. People still call Yakima Regional Hospital 'St. E's' because it was St. Elizabeth Hospital. People will still give you old buildings for directions. If you ask where Home Depot is, they might tell you it's in the old 'Country Store' area or that Xochimilco on Nob Hill is in the old Skippers.

So, if you ever wondered, Yakima Valley Community College didn't have the 'community' name as part of the title several years ago. Although it's gone through several other nicknames including 'Nob Hill University', it'll probably always be called YVC until the end of time.

If you have a better nickname for YVC, post it in the comments. I'd love to read'em on the air.