Round three of ‘American Idol‘ tonight (May 16) was definitely the redemption round for Phillip Phillips. Mentor Jimmy Iovine chose Bob Seger’s ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ as way of appeasing Phillips’ female and male fans, and as a way of getting him to sing a melody that shouldn’t be messed with. It turns out, Iovine made a great choice.

Phillips proved that he’s not uncomfortable with a melody with his rendition of ‘We’ve Got Tonight.’ He also proved that he’s smart enough to not mess with Bob Seger. Then, he proved that he can melt hearts by just singing a song the way it’s meant to be sung. He had the audience from the start and hooked the judges by the end.

Randy Jackson said it was Phillips’ best performance on the show ever. He gave both Phillips and Iovine props for the song choice. He said, “It was the perfect song at the perfect time. You had a giant moment.” He went on to say that Phillips showed everyone he can sing a melody and that he is in it to win it for sure.

Jennifer Lopez said what we were all thinking. She complimented Phillips’ performance saying it was like a beautiful lullaby. She said, “There are about 20 million girls who wish you were singing that to them.” Steven Tyler liked the performance so much, his comments had to be bleeped out by the network. What he did manage to get across was that Phillips sang his song with an amazing amount of passion. He told Phillips, “You just nailed it.”

We’re down to the final three contestants on ‘American Idol’ and after tonight’s show, we are no closer to knowing who is going to take this one home. At this point, every one of them is America’s idol.

Watch Phillip Phillips Perform ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ on ‘American Idol’

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