Ashanti had to put a fan in check at a recent concert stop. The R&B singer was performing a show in Hawaii when an overzealous fan thought it was cool to throw money at her.

It all started when Ashanti was performing her rendition of “Girlfriend” along with her two dancers. During the performance, the three ladies start giving lap dances to three guys handcuffed to their chairs. Nothing unusual about that; artists such as Janet Jackson and Ciara have performed this same sensual routine during their shows.

However, when Ashanti sat on the lap of one gentlemen, a concertgoer began to make it rain on the stage. A couple of $1 bills flew in the singer’s face and that's when she had enough.

“Stop the music!” she commands the DJ before aiming her vitriol at the fan. “I’m gonna need you to stop throwing money. I’m not a fucking stripper,” she yells.

The offending fan gives a shoulder shrug as Ashanti’s momanger comes to the front of the stage and also warns the guy to stop throwing money. Check out the video above.

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