Until real life fully merges with Black Mirror, we’ll have to make do with the TV version. Netflix at last confirms the ever-relevant sci-fi parable will be back for a fifth season, and even has a first teaser.

Early Monday saw Netflix announcing the renewal of Black Mirror, albeit without an exact episode order or potential premiere window. Back when Black Mirror was first announced to make its Netflix move, the twelve-episode order had not yet been split into Seasons 3 and 4. We’d guess that Netflix intends Season 5 for a similar six-episode order, but all we have to go on for now is this teaser:

In any case, the technological Twilight Zone has largely thrived in its Netflix home, including awards for Season 3 breakout “San Junipero” and a fourth season that courted directors like Jodie Foster and David Slade. Producers have also discussed spinoff opportunities for more successful episodes like this past season’s “U.S.S. Callister,” but it remains to be seen if Season 5 will mark the first Black Mirror to revisit any prior characters outside of easter eggs.

We’ll hopefully hear more of Black Mirror Season 5 before long, but check out the first four seasons on Netflix and stay tuned.

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