BTS treated fans to a surprise glimpse of their next album on Thursday (April 5), releasing a nine-minute video that hints at the project's theme and teases a new song.

Titled "Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself Wonder," the clip opens with V jumping off of a pier and plummeting into the ocean, followed by a sequence of dark imagery: Jungkook getting bloodied and beaten, various members caught in fires and trapped in rooms. It then cuts to Jin and Jungkook standing solemnly, each alone, left to recall happier memories of the seven men together.

But three minutes in, a video game sound pings, signaling a shift in tone and the introduction of new single "Euphoria," a sunny synth pop anthem that marks the first to come from the K-pop septet's upcoming EP, Love Yourself: Wonder.

On-screen, the band is suddenly reunited, and they frolic around what looks like an abandoned, seaside warehouse. Later, they stand together looking out onto the water, and it cuts back to the opening scene. Jin looks dead into the camera and smiles, and the credits roll.

Love Yourself: Wonder follows BTS' record-breaking 2017 EP, Love Yourself: Her, and will be the second in their Love Yourself series.

As noted by Billboard, both album titles — Her and Wonder — are derived from Chinese characters that refer to a literary technique the band has previously highlighted as the theme for their Love Yourself projects. Fans previously guessed that the series will include four mini-albums — Wonder (intro: Euphoria), Her (intro: Serendipity), Tear (intro: singularity), and Answer (intro: epiiphany) — and based on this latest reveal, appear to be on the right track.

The video arrives the same week BTS released Face Yourself in Japan. A release date for Love Yourself: Wonder has not yet been announced.

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