Camila Cabello's "Havana" continues to be a huge hit, reaching No. 1on the Billboard Hot 100, and "Never Be the Same" is also making its way up the charts, but with spring just around the corner, Cabello's producers are already thinking about her next single.

In an interview with MTV News, producers and writers Louis Bell and Brian Lee, who worked on Camila, were asked what they think the singer's next single could be. "I hope ['She Loves Control'] will be a summertime single," Bell said. "I think timing-wise, the way 'Never Be the Same' is going now, and leading into the summer, that would be an ideal single to come up next."

An empowering anthem about being confident, "She Loves Control" has all the makings for a summertime hit. “She goes, ‘I know what I want to say but I also know how my fans will take it," Bell said about Cabello creating songs. "Obviously female empowerment is one of the most key elements and has obviously been a very hot topic over the past year, so it’s something that is just naturally going to connect.”

As for a new album, while Camila has only been out for a few months, Bell believes she may start working on album No. 2 during her upcoming spring tour. The producer said he would like for the next album to have a "more mature progression," but ultimately, it's up to Cabello.

“She knows all these indie bands; she could do an indie record,” said Lee. “Her depth of what she knows musically is bigger than mine. She could do whatever she wants.”

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