Cardi B is fighting off criticism caused by a viral video which shows her flaunting her boobs. Apparently, a clip surfaced of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper in a club pulling down her shirt and flashing her boobs.

The vid has shocked her fans and brought some unwanted slander at Cardi B's Twitter timeline. For the record, there are also photos of Cardi showing off her boobs as well.

The Bronx rapper has addressed the video(s) on her Twitter account. Cardi B says the clip is old and was shot when she was a stripper. She tweeted:

As of this morning (Nov. 28), Cardi B is hardly bothered by a topless video. The 25-year-old rapper nabbed two nominations for the 2018 Grammy Awards. She's up for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for "Bodak Yellow."

Cardi B went on her Instagram page to celebrate her nods. "Two of them!! Thank you Lord! I couldn’t be more grateful," she wrote.

As for the topless video and photos, we're not going to post them here. Just do your Googles and you'll find them.

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