Mother’s Day

Monday Morning Quarterback: Mother's Day 2017 Recap
I hope all the moms in the valley had a very happy Mother's Day!
What did you do, Mamas?
Since I am a single mom, there was no suitor to spoil me with fabulous and expensive presents for Mother's Day, like my friend C., who posted a lovely pic of all of her gifts (which included a new pair of Christia…
Bribery works
Just when we had decided to talk about people having to bribe their kids to get them to do what they want, I had an idea to get my daughter, Willow, to talk about it on the radio.
She did not want to talk, so what did I do? I BRIBED HER!
Do you dare?
The year was 2009 and I was a size 14 and felt very UN-sexy, but that didn't stop my friend from somehow convincing me to do a "boudoir photo shoot."
My friend, Christel Clear Photography, had talked me into taking a few boudoir pictures because she was just starting to branch …
A Song For Moms!
This is a video that every mom, single, stay-at-home, or working mom can relate to.
I personally can relate to everything in this video (times two)!
I Finally Got A Keurig!
I just bought my first ever Keurig.
I’m late to the game, I know it. But I have been trying to grab one on ebay for the LONGEST time, for cheap, and it just never worked out. After many years of dragging my bum to the long lines at places that rhyme with "Marbucks" and "Morthtown"…

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