In an effort to recognize some local people for the good they've done, we bring you Yakima Valley's Hometown Heroes. Meet Cindy King. She's a mom with an amazing story.

via Mike Swenson:

Cindy and her husband Mike have changed the lives of several children that otherwise may have been lost in the system. Children that were never given a chance to succeed. The love, support and encouragement that Cindy has shown has really showed, the children are thriving in her home and are striving to becoming successful adults. After raising three daughters of her own Cindy has put others ahead of herself adopting several children some of which are siblings and would have otherwise been separated, so for her loving, giving personality I believe she is a true hero.

If you have someone you want to have in Yakima Valley's Hometown Heroes, make sure you send us their info so we can feature them on the air and on our website.

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