Health officials in San Francisco are hopping mad over one restaurant’s decision to sell grasshopper tacos.

La Oaxaquena Bakery and Restaurant has been selling the popular Mexican dish until the health department stepped in and put the kibosh on it.

Officials aren't upset the eatery is selling the exotic item. They're actually upset because the grasshoppers are not from the states. Yup, that's right – it's not just people sneaking in from south of the border that causes controversy.

Restaurant owner Harry Persaud has a permit to import the little critters, but he's not been buying them from a place that the FDA deems acceptable. He says he gets them from Mexico and simply can't find grasshoppers in the good ol' US of A.

The culinary sensation, which is popular in Mexico, has won raves, earning articles in local magazines. And, as you might imagine, it's one of the few restaurants in the US where you can buy grasshopper.

Persaud says if he can't reach some sort of agreement with the FDA, he would consider raising his own grasshoppers.