Dua Lipa just wants to make her fans happy. So much so that she tried to push through a show in Denver despite being severely ill. After three songs, the British singer realized she wasn't able to go on and tearfully told the Fillmore Auditorium crowd she would have to cut the show short.

"I really, really tried to push through for this show. I wanted to give you guys a really good show," the 22-year-old explained, choking back tears. "I feel so bad for letting you guys down because I can't possibly or physically do it and this is not the kind of show I want to give you guys. So I'm so, so, so sorry but I'm not going to continue tonight. I will be back. I'm so sorry. Thank you so much."

Watch the emotional footage below.

The "One Kiss" singer then took to Twitter to continue apologizing and explain what exactly was ailing her.

"I've had an ear infection for the last couple of days. I thought I would be able to pull through but it was quite painful and I was advised that if I carried on I could cause permanent damage to my ear," she wrote, concluding that she's trying to reschedule the date.

Lipa's next show is scheduled for Friday in San Diego. She has not yet announced if it will be canceled.


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