UPDATE: The song has been pulled due to copyright claims.

Looking for your favorite summer 2015 jam? Step right up and listen to Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley's collaboration with Major Lazer, "Powerful."

Guys, this song takes us straight to that heady feeling of falling in love. Ellie nails it with the first verse, when she croons, "Oh, my my my what you do to me / Like lightning when I’m swimming in the sea / From the very first time we loved / From the very first time we touched / Walking on wires and power lines / You put your body on top of mine / Every time that you lift me up / To the heaven and skies above."

Not only are the lyrics on point, but Tarrus' vocals are a strong complement to Ellie's breathy voice. Together, they balance each other in the same way a relationship has give and take.

The song leaked on April 23, so chances are it'll probably disappear from the internet soon. However, Billboard reports that the track will be on Major Lazer's upcoming Peace Is the Mission album, which drops on June 1. (We know that's a really long time. Hang in there!)

Lately, Ellie has been on a roll when it comes to love songs. Her "Love Me Like You Do," which was on the Fifty Shades of Gray soundtrack, is a massive hit. Official Charts reports that the track set a record as the most-streamed song in one week. The singer landed a cool 15.5 million streams globally over the course of seven days, breaking the previous record held by "Uptown Funk."

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