When it comes to women getting ready for literally anything, guys just ... don't understand. Am I right, or am I right?

There is so much more work that woman go through to be presentable and professional. For example, if I do a full face of makeup, it can take 20-30 minutes depending on what I am doing to this mug.

But there is another thing that women do when they wear dresses or skirts that a lot of people (men) forget about, and that's pantyhose. And unless a man has put those bad boys on, they have NNOOO idea the struggle. Let me tell you, the pantyhose struggle is real! Not only are they confining and hard to put on, but you always always risk the possibility of snagging your hose on literally anything and putting a big ol' rip in them!

Now, I'm speaking from experience -- from literally this morning on this. There I was trying to get ready, in the dusk light of my bedroom, struggling and sweating to get these dang things on, and guess what happened? I got a run from knee to hip, so in true Cheyenne fashion, I cursed my pantyhose while falling over to take them off, then threw them as hard as I could across the room (but they are light and catch no air, so they went about a foot and a half from me). The cherry on top of the cake? It was my last pair ... then I had to find a whole new outfit, so it was back to the drawing board!
What is something you do every day to get ready that you wish guys understood the struggle of?

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