Let me take you back to my childhood; the early 80s. Halloween was all about wearing the boxed costume that had a cheap plastic mask tied with a rubber band and a flimsy, plastic smock that represented your costume. Really, it didn't matter what you were wearing because your mom made you wear your winter coat when you went trick or treating anyways. It's kind of hard to impress your neighbors dressed like E.T. who happens to be wearing a bright blue and red coat that has a busted zipper. Now, as a dad, I want my kids to be warm so I try to think of costumes where the coat is part of the costume. Here's what I got.

  • costumepop.com

    Mad Scientist

    It may not involve a warm coat, but you still wear a lab coat. It's underneath the lab coat that you can pile up on layers. Thermal underwear works wonders. Some crazy glasses help, make your hair crazy, you can bring some beakers if you'd like - it's finding a lab coat small enough is the tough part. When in doubt, worse-case scenario, you can just have them wear one of their dad's long sleeved white dress shirts.

  • dynamicleather.com


    Another that's easy to do. It helps if you already have a youth-sized leather coat (or pleather, gotta respect animal rights.) Load them up sunglasses, a mohawk or fohawk, a studded collar or something to that effect, maybe some biker gloves and you're good to go. Give'em a fake tattoo on their skull while you're at it to complete the ensemble.

  • alaska-in-pictures.com


    I wonder if Eskimo's dress like American's for Halloween. Regardless of my thought, it may be fun to dress like another ethnicity. I've dressed my daughter as a Spanish Flamenco dancer before, why not dress like an Eskimo, you know they keep warm. Big, fluffy coat with the fluffy-stuff in the hood, some matching pants - it's really all you need.

  • cosmomagazine


    Perfect example. Find a youth trench coat, one of those weird hats, a bubble pipe and carry a magnifying glass.

  • theragblog.blogspot.com


    Army, Navy, Marines, ect - Take your pic. This costume is easy to pull off and you may get some salutes from your fellow patriots along the way. They make youth camouflage coats and pants. Slap some paint or just as easily use some make-up to get the black lines under the eyes. Good to go and you'll stay warm along the way.

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