The Underground Railroad is getting all the hype and attention, now that the U.S. Treasury has announced that Civil War hero (shero) Harriet Tubman will soon be placed on the $20 bill.

Can you say, #DollaDollaBillYall!

I think this is great news because it's about time that a great woman such as Harriet Tubman is recognized (beyond Susan B. Anthony) far beyond the elementary school classroom.

I wouldn't mind exchanging out the old bill for the new one. You can guarantee that as soon I get my very first Harriet Tubman $20 bill, I will be taking selfies. Matter of fact, let me get in a few practice shots with these Washingtons ($5) and Lincolns ($1)!

Look, Ma, I have SIX whole dollars! What!

money selfie

You can bet your "bottom dollar" that it was men who came up with the idea to put men on our money anyway. It is only fitting that men give the announcement that a woman is going to be popping up on our $20 bills. Even my co-workers are supportive of this news!

I couldn't even tell you where I spent my first $20 bill when I arrived in Yakima back in the year 2002. (It was probably at the place on Terrace Heights that rhymes with "Brawl-Mart".)

Wait, does this mean that existing $20 bills with Andrew Jackson will have to be turned in exchange for a new one featuring Harriet Tubman? That remains to be seen, I suppose.

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