Jeremy Meeks has a brother. (Thank you to Jovita Moore at Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta.) He is not in prison. Ladies, get your plane tickets!

Update: 11:26AM
Jeremy Meeks has spoken out from behind prison bars in an exclusive interview with News10 ABC in Sacramento, CA. (Scroll for video.)

Twitter is going insane over what a lot of people are calling THE best looking mugshot of all time. They're calling him the latest edition to #Felonbae, and his mugshot gone viral this week -- even people in Singapore and the Netherlands agree that this is the best-looking criminal of all time. His name is Jeremy Meeks, and he got arrested during a massive police raid Tuesday on six felony weapons charges.

He's also set the Internet and women's panties on fire!Twitter is asking all these questions about him: Why was he arrested? Is he married? (Yes, he has a wife and a child.) How much is his bail? (It’s $900K.) When does he get out of jail?

They have even started a group to pitch in and get his bail money. Someone has even photoshopped him into a Calvin Klein ad. How much you wanna bet they offer him a modeling contract when he gets out?

Just remember: Hot guys are people, too -- people who make bad choices and sometimes get arrested for things…