Ever stood in front of your closet and uttered the sentence, "I have NOTHING to wear!" You too? Ok so at least I am not the only one. :)

Hanger upon hanger of items, some I wear every week. Some...not sure when the last time I wore it was...but at some point I will use it (yeah right) so it stays. I won't even get into the clothes on the bottom of the closet right now...it scares me haha

I am a shorts and t-shirt kind of girl with the occasional sundress thrown in. Comforts a main goal when it comes to clothes and so for the better part of my life I have worn pretty much the same things. Then I lost about 55 pounds (CLICK HERE for more on that)

Shopping is WAY more fun now but I still don't really know what I am doing. What shoe colors go with what. Can I wear my t-shirt with that skirt, yes I can but should I? I DON'T KNOW! Thankfully my clothes angel Michelle Alegria aka The Closet Consultant showed up! Did you know that was a thing cause I sure didn't! :)

Michelle explained she wants people to feel as confident as they can and a lot of that starts with your clothes. When she told me to prepare five outfits that I love but wasn't sure what to do with I was nervous. Like palm sweaty nervous. What, do I grab my five favorite t-shirts with the pair of jean shorts I wear all the time and tell her to go for it? I drug my feet until the morning of the appointment and finally found a few different pieces ranging from I love this to I think I am doing it right but I need help!

Deep Breath in and hold...Michelle rocks! She even brought her own portable hanger thingy to display what I thought were ho hum pieces which she turned into new and awesome outfits! The goal is to take the pieces you already have and find a bunch of different ways to mix them up. There are certain pieces that tie outfits together so she makes little notes while we go through the process to ensure nothing is missed.

Pictures are taken. The debate over heels or no heels was a no-brainer, no heels (sorry I just am not into it anymore) but I can go for a wedge and shockingly I had enough shoes to create a few awesome new ways to wear things I thought I was done with. I was even pumped to discover I had her eye when it came to ONE outfit that I styled myself before she showed me the light at the end of the clothing tunnel!

Michelle's Closet Consultations come in a bunch of different variations. She can set a two to three hour appointment like we had with a few starter pieces that she works with. You can have her spend the whole day gutting out your closet and getting rid of pieces that no longer work with what you are up to these days (sometimes we have to let go and it's hard hahaha) She does personal clothes shopping for you, she'll find out your budget and ONLY purchase the items you need based off of what she saw in your closet. She loves to bargain hunt AND she does it alone so all the stress of trying things on or following her around isn't necessary and honestly not an option haha. :) And if you are just searching for fresh ideas you can let her know what you have coming up where you want to look extra special (business meeting, date, vacation...skies the limit) and she will help. Every outfit she documents with pictures and I am SO glad because there was no way I was going to remember what belt went with what dress. If you are interested in giving it a try I seriously recommend it because when you are on a budget shopping in your OWN closet is pretty flippn sweet!

I left the house feeling more confident, wearing one of the "new" outfits she created and was super excited to sit down and put this post together because I have a new appreciation for my own clothes. Don't waste time hemming and hawing over the same outfits, get you a closet consultant or as Reesha so fabulously worded it, "a clothes whisperer" because you won't regret it!

Check-out all the different variations with the same outfits :) Woohoo

I Went Shopping In My Own Closet

It's amazing how rolling up your sleeves, tucking in a shirt or adding a belt can turn an outfit into something that not only fits better but looks like a new outfit. Yaaaaas!

I am completely satisfied and SUPER excited to add the pieces I was missing to my new and improved wardrobe, from my own closet!

Now go look at your closet and hit up Michelle :)

Sarah J and the clothes whisperer Michelle Alegria
Sarah J and the clothes whisperer Michelle Alegria

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