After nearly two years of teasing, Iggy Azalea's Digital Distortion has finally dawned...almost.

The rapper's sophomore LP, which she first announced in October 2015, has met a handful of delays across the production process (Azalea said she basically scrapped the creative and started fresh after learning her ex-fiance, Nick Young, cheated on her).

Alas, the official release is just around the corner, she confirmed during an interview with Australia's Kyle & Jackie O.

“It’s going to be out the first week of June,” Iggy insisted. “So it’s going to be pretty soon, we’re already in the first week of April now.”

Azalea also touched on her preparation for new video "Mo Bounce," which features more than a little bit of twerking.

“I had a lot of practice actually, I was really nervous about the video because I think you’ve gotta go all in and do that, you don’t wanna look stiff,” she said. “It’s harder than it looks. I took lessons for two weeks before the video with somebody helping me. I do live in L.A., it’s weird they have twerk-out classes where people come and they twerk and work out… I got the best twerk-out girl and she came and she helped show me some moves. It was pretty weird but it was cool.”

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