ILoveMemphis reached viral smash status with his "Hit The Quan" song and accompanying dance and is well on his way to reaching a similar state with the "Lean and Dabb" song, dance and video. With clips of kids doing their rendition of the "Lean and Dabb" dance floating online, it was time for the Memphis native to show everyone how it's done with an official video.

The kid-friendly visual takes place in a Discovery Zone-like play center as the rapper and his crew dance along to the song. With the dab having already conquered the sports and pop culture worlds, Memphis is striking while the iron is hot with his new video. Don't be surprised if "Lean and Dabb" has a similar viral-to-reality crossover appeal that "Hit the Quan" did.

XXL caught up with the young artist and spoke to him about being surprised that he is not being compared to Soulja Boy despite having his career take off in a similar fashion. "I’m surprised people are not comparing me to Soulja Boy," he said. "So surprised because this is taking off like crazy like how Soulja Boy had the movement in 2007. Because there’s a difference, we’ve had a lot of people just make dance songs, but when you as a person are getting famous also, you know what I’m saying? The song will get famous but the person don’t get famous. But once the person gets famous, that mean they’re around to stay."

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