I am a "Weird Al-coholic"! I have been since I was 4 years old and first heard Yoda on vinyl. Never seeing star wars makes the song even better! So when word of a "Weird Al" bio-pic was dropping after the Funny or Die parody/spoof, I was 100% on board! Then they announced that it was going to be on the Roku Channel! Sweet, watch it for free; awesome! But I wanted more. I have quite of bit of the weird one's merchandise, so I've been waiting for the physical form of this movie to drop. We finally have a date!

It looks like we'll be able to get WEIRD with our physical copies of "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" in April. At the time of this writing, I have not seen any pre-order information on the usual retailers (well, the usual ones I shop at), so I'm still keeping an eye out.


I initially found out about the release and special package deal from Blu-Ray.com, and when I went to get a down the rabbit hole, I found the mother of "Weird Al" Collection Packs through Umbrella Entertainment!

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" Movie Pack
Umbrella Entertainment / Roku Channel

We're talking about not only the movie and slipcase but a poster, art cards, a making of the movie book, and of course, it wouldn't be "Weird Al" without a truly impressive "Weird Al" Hawaiian Shirt! It might be a little spendy at around $100, but when you think about how much a movie is and add to that how much a nice Hawaiian shit can run you, it's not a bad price.

The Weird One Might Not Play Nice!

The only thing to be wary of before ordering this package is that this version of the movie looks only to be region specific. That means (Region B) players (Blu Ray) from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand are the main ones that can play it. Although I have had luck playing these regions on a video game system, you should still be aware. So for this region B release, it looks like April 5th, so that means a US version can't be too far away! Al gives us a reason via a tweet on why the Pre-Order is ready for the land down under before anywhere else.


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