Some towns are just known for their nightlife. Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York -- so many more have towns and specific blocks with that destination in mind.

But what about the towns with blocks that are amazing but nobody really talks about them?

These hidden gems that may not be as touristy. That's what I'd gravitate towards.

Wealth of Geeks posted a list of the top 100 underrated nightlife neighborhoods and Washington State made the list.

Not just Washington, but Eastern Washington.

Where can you find one of the most underrated nightlife neighborhoods in Eastern Washington?

Next time you're in Spokane, check out the Garland district.

Garland in Spokane made #31. I mean, it's not the top 10, sure, but the fact that it's on the list is great.

Spokane was the only city in Washington to make this list. No cool spots in Seattle, nothing for Bellingham, Spokane only.

If you find yourself on Division (it's the super long road that drives north and south in the middle of Spokane) and turn on Garland, you'll find a lot of super cool shops.

There's an antique store that presents itself like an eclectic toy store, a great book shop, many dining spots like Little Noodle which is a personal favorite, and so much more.

The Garland District in Spokane features a vibrant nightlife scene with trendy bars, live music, and unique eateries. Known for its artsy vibe and friendly atmosphere, it’s a popular spot for an exciting night out.

It really does feel like the type of block you may find in Seattle, only without the traffic.

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