Celebrities such as Charlie Puth are turning back the clock thanks to a new TikTok trend.

TikTok's "teenage filter" is supposed to make the user look like their teenage self again. The filter appears to smooth wrinkles, erase dark circles and other signs of aging while plumping and brightening other features.

Puth is just one of the many stars who have tried the filter so far.

"It is now time to try the teenage filter," the "See You Again" singer says as he tries out the filter, ultimately — and dryly — deciding, "I look the same."

In the comments section, fans marveled at Puth's youthful appearance.

"What’s the secret behind the fact that you never 'age'?!" one person wrote.

"As predicted, you get better with age though!" another commented.

"Age[s] like fine wine," someone else weighed in.

That's So Raven star Raven Symone also tried her hand at the trend.

"This is not how I looked 10 years ago, and I got proof," she says as she tests the filter and compares the result to real-life old photos. She points out that the filter has seemingly removed her "pointy" nose, which is still the same shape today as it was when she was younger.

"I did not get a nose job. I'm not mad at it, [it's] just not me, you know?" she says.

Another star who tried the trend is former child actor Dante Basco, 47, who famously played beloved Lost Boys leader Rufio in 1991's Hook.

"Wow, I remember that kid," Basco captioned his video using the filter, which indeed shows him looking exactly like his teenage self again.

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