Jeffree Star set controversial TikTok beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira's makeup review to rest with his very own review with real-time footage of the application.

On Friday (Jan. 27), Star called out Nogueira's Jan. 24 TikTok where she tested out L'Oreal Telescopic Lift Mascara, but appeared to use false lashes in the final reveal, as the eyelashes appeared further from her natural lash line. This marked his first return to makeup reviews since his announcement that he was quitting YouTube, however, this clip was shared on TikTok.

"The truth about the @mikaylanogueira lash scandal ❤️ PS. My stitches and duets are turned on," he captioned his review.

Star showed an unfiltered and zoomed in look at the application process. He noted that he previously saw some influencers accept brand deals for up to $250,000 for a positive endorsement of their product, although it is unclear what kind of partnership Nogueira was in with the company.

"It's really pretty," Star admitted of the product. "The bottom lashes look stunning... it's cute, it's very affordable, I love that it's $15, it separated the lashes."

He added, "But is it the greatest thing on the planet? No, but I'm not getting paid to say that."
On Jan. 26, Star posted a video to his TikTok page where he announced his return to beauty reviews due to fellow beauty influencer controversies. While he didn't name names, fans quickly presumed it was about the mascara controversy.

"You've woken up the motherf---ing beast and I'll be reviewing starting again next week," he announced. "A lot of foundations and mascaras and certain things I hear may be fraudulent."

"So if y'all want an unbiased motherf---ing b---h that's been reviewing makeup for 10 years that has never accepted a f---ing coin from one brand to ever say a product is 'amazing,' then stay f---ing tuned cause the b---h is back," he added.

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