Only one album into her career, "Rather Be" singer Jess Glynne is, by one metric, the most successful female pop act of all time in the United Kingdom — she now holds the record for most No. 1 singles after her latest track "I'll Be There" shot to the top of the charts. So will lightning strike twice when her sophomore album Always in Between drops in September?

We've certainly got good reason to think so.

In a chat with PopCrush's Matt Donnelly Thursday morning (July 12), Glynne revealed the ins and outs of her next batch of work, and even gave us an exclusive look at a new track that's got her pumped.

"There's some songs on there that I love," she said. "There's a song called 'Rolling' that is just pure vibes and it's got a really cool message and it's just a final "F--- you" song, and I like that."

Glynne also offered some details on the much-anticipated "Thursday," which she co-wrote with Ed Sheeran.

"'Thursday' is a beautiful song, and it means a lot to me, and I wrote a lot of these lyrics on my phone when I was going through stuff...I wasn't originally meant to be [in the studio with Ed Sheeran]," she said, before explaining that producer Steve Mac eventually introduced the two acts. "We all hung out, chatted for hours and went a bit deep. We wrote this song and it just represents a lot of what this record is about and I honestly think the world is really gonna connect with it."

Still, that's not to say you should expect a duplicate of I Cry When I Laugh on Jess' next LP.

"It's not as upbeat as the first record, it's not as dancey, but it's still got that flavor" she said. "I've definitely opened my heart on this album and I've been really honest and I think through doing that I've still got that hopeful message in it, because I always feel like without hope, what's the point?"

"I half-got there with the first album, but I think with this one I'm a little more there," she added. "The next one it will be wholly there...but if you mastered it all in one, that would be f------ boring."

And as for the aforementioned record-breaking? Yeah...she can't really believe it, either.

"The latest No. 1 that I've had with 'I'll Be There' is the most emotional thus far, and I think that was a really a crucial thing for me," she said. "It just kind of stated that what I'm doing is right even when I'm not collaborating. It's so amazing to sit here and say I've had seven No. 1s, I can't actually believe it. The whole thing is insane. I'm so grateful for everything and for everyone's support."

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