Jessie Frye is no stranger to making a political statement with her music.

The singer-songwriter, who coincidentally performed for former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at his Grand Prairie rally in 2016, waxes poetic on women's sexual power and feeling empowered in a relationship on her latest, "Honey."

Premiering exclusively on PopCrush, the sugary synth-pop track oozes with smooth, saccharine grooves, while Jessie's intoxicating vocal delivery is sharply punctuated by her lyrical feminist manifesto on independence and respect: "I love you 'cause you know I am Queen Bee."

JessieFrye Honey

"'Honey' celebrates female sexual power," Jessie shares. "It's also the first song in a series that begs the question: is love real or fake? 'Honey' is the drug, so to speak, the oxytocin that starts the process of falling in love. I felt like the idea of 'real or fake' also reflected a lot of things we as a culture are obsessed with: perfection, drugs, money, sex, etc."

"Me and my producer, Matt Aslanian, wanted the song to feel very textural," she adds. "I wanted to write sexy lyrics that were dominant and empowering. I think it is important for women to express and celebrate that part of themselves."

Listen below:

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