If Alexander had the Terrible, Horrible, No GoodVery Bad DayKanye West is having the bizarre, strange, hard-to-keep-up-with few weeks.

The rapper, who returned to Twitter earlier this month by posting affirmations that rivaled Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts, has left his followers completely confounded. What first seemed like some genuine calls for genuineness and kindness among his fans quickly devolved into partisanship and polarization, and now, the rapper is even being accused of trying to rile up conservatives to drum up album sales.

So how did Kanye West's Twitter timeline become such a breeding ground of chaos, and what the heck is going on with Yeezy? Let's look at a timeline of some critical movements across April.

Kanye Resurrected His Twitter Account and Began Tweeting Philosophy: 

On April 13, Ye revived his Twitter account and immediately began dispensing encouraging platitudes. Some had to do with the power of imagination, others maligned society for conditioning people to be "actors." Most have been stream-of-consciousness, out-of-nowhere and pretty confusing.

Kanye Said He's Turning HIs Twitter Into a Book:

On April 18, he wrote: "I will work on this 'book' when I feel it. When We sit still in the mornings We get hit with so many ideas and so many things We want to express. When I read this tweet to myself I didn't like how much I used the word I so I changed the I's to We's,"

Kanye Announced Two Brand New Albums:

After tweeting on April 19 that "My album is 7 songs" with a vague "June 1" complementary tweet, Kanye noted that he and Kid Cudi are joining forces for a second, collaborative album. "me and Cudi album June 8th. it's called Kids See Ghost. That's the name of our group," he wrote.

Kanye Praised Republican Pundit Candace Owens:

Kanye's sage advice was all well and good with followers until the rapper took a left turn on April 21, and publicly praised Republican pundit Candace Owens.

According to NMEOwens is the communications director of non-profit organization Turning Point USA, and shut down a Black Lives Matter protest during a panel at UCLA on April 20. The moment went viral and is what seems to have incited West's complimentary tweet.

"There is an ideological civil war happening [in the black community]," Owens said at the event, according to The Root. "Victim mentality is not cool. I don’t know why people like being oppressed. It’s the weirdest thing I ever heard: 'I love oppression. We’re oppressed. 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow.' Which, by the way, none of you guys lived through. Your grandparents did. It’s embarrassing that you utilize their history...You’re not living through anything right now. You’re overly privileged Americans."

Owens appreciated West's endorsement, but few others did.

Kanye Doubled Down on his Love of Donald Trump:

On April 23, Hot 97's Ebro Darden explained that he'd had a 30-minute conversation with Kanye, during which Yeezy insisted he still loved President Donald Trump. "He said, 'I do love Donald Trump,'" Darden recounted on Ebro in the Morning.

Darden also shared that he was angry West had developed a rapport with Owens. West defended himself by saying that he was simply trying to open up a dialogue, to which Darden replied: "I said: 'Kanye, the conversation's been open, bro, you're just not a part of it. And you're just chiming in right now because you've got an album coming out.'"

Darden added that Kanye said his ultimate goal is to "deprogram people."

Rosenberg, Ebro's co-host, added in a tweet: "Biggest take away from Ebro in the Morning today ... Kanye West is still an avid Donald Trump supporter. You can process that however you like but if you’re waiting for him to say 'my bad' about his trump statements — don’t hold your breath."

Things got even weirder when Kanye later called in to Darden's show to say “I love you” on air — he even went on to sing Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You," but refused to talk about anything of real gravity.

Kanye Cleared House:

Later in the day on April 23, TMZ reported that West had gotten rid of most of his team, including manager Scooter Braun, and sources said he'd been acting "erratically."

"I no longer have a manager. I can't be managed," he later tweeted on April 25.

He also answered to Ebro:

Kanye Vaguely Tweeted "2024":

The rapper had previously promised to run for president in 2020 during a speech at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards — perhaps he's reconsidered.

Kanye Refuted the Idea that His Company Isn't Running Well:

It's not clear who exactly accused Kanye's business of failing, or where he got the "fake news" (he would later cite TMZ, The Shade Room and People, though). Nevertheless, he insisted he's doing well, indeed, with a collection of his own

Oh, and Kanye Tweeted a Lot About Footwear:

Because, yes, the fate of the country is at a critical point, but these YEEZYs remain ever-so-fly.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Jumped to His Defense:

Kris Jenner shut down reports that she'd been having "explosive fights" with her son-in-law, while Kardashian defended his right to speak his mind.


50 Shades of Celebrity Feuds:

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