Lady Gaga was nothing but an angel to an injured Little Monster at a Saturday (Nov. 12) Joanne Tour stop.

Gaga, who canceled the European leg of her tour for health reasons, was back in fighting shape at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., when she noticed a fan had been struck in the face and was bleeding. Immediately, she stopped the show and demanded to know if the show-goer was OK.

"Hi, I just looked over and I saw, are you doing alright? Are you doing all right? Are you gonna stay? Do you need some extra help? Do you need a paramedic? They’re on their way? OK," Gaga said.

Then, after the woman introduced herself as Meredith, Gaga doubled down on her nurturing instincts.

"Meredith, I’m so sorry you got hit in the face and that you’re bleeding. You OK? We’re gonna make sure you’re OK, all right?" she said.

Finally, when Gaga got confirmation that Meredith was OK, she dedicated a performance of "Paparazzi" to her fan, and insisted Meredith get a backstage pass for after the show.

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