The unthinkable has happened again. A police officer fatally shot an armed African-American teenager in Berkeley, Mo., just two miles from Ferguson, Mo., on Tuesday night (Dec. 23). The incident ignited a tense night of demonstrations from the local community.

According to, the officer was doing a routine check at a Mobil gas station when he approached two black males in the St. Louis suburb of Berkeley. After the officer left his squad car, one of the men, believed to be Antonio Martin, 18, allegedly pointed a 9mm gun at him. The officer then fired three shots with one of the bullets killing the victim. The second person fled the scene.

The suspect’s gun was recovered with five rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber.

Protesters also converged on the scene of the shooting shortly thereafter with citizens clashing with police at the gas station where the incident occurred.

There was also a videotape released publicly by the St. Louis County Police to go along with the narrative of the shooting event.

"This doesn't make any sense for them to kill my son like this," said Antonio Martin's mother, Toni Martin-Green, to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I am trying to be calm."

Several rappers and R&B singers, like Game and Ne-Yo, respectively, reacted with dismay over the police shooting. They went on Twitter to express their condolences to Martin's family. Read their tweets below.

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