This is my mom. I think she's pretty terrific! She grew up in a coal mining community in Alaska, moved to Washington to go to school and, after birthing eight children, being married for 49 years and recently retired, she's still kickin' it. After all she's been through and all she's done for all of us, Mother's Day is that perfect opportunity to treat your mom and show some appreciation. Here are a few ideas you can do for Mother's Day in Yakima.

My mom is definitely a person into simple pleasures. Nothing extravagant, nothing too fancy, so I'll focus on those ideas.

Take Her To a Movie

My mom is a fan of movies, but rarely gets a chance to go see anything. This would be a perfect opportunity to take her to the new Orion cinema where you can eat while watching the movie. Of course, she gets to choose the film.
Price: Around $25-$30, depending on what you're eating - more if you're drinking.

Take Her for Frozen Yogurt

With the recent boom of frozen yogurt places in Yakima, there's no shortage to choose from. Yogurt Shack, Black Bear, Glaciers - all are excellent and you can't go wrong since you choose the flavors and toppings yourself.
Price: About $10 for you and her.

Get Her a Spa Certificate

The beautiful thing about certificates is they can use them at their convenience so you're not worried about if a specific place will be too busy on that Sunday or not. The other great thing is we often feature spa certificates through Seize the Deal so take a peek and save some cash for yourself while you treat your mom.
Price: Varies

Take Her on a Picnic

Yakima has no shortage of parks to have a picnic. This is something my mom would take us kids to do when we were much younger. We'd often go to Randall Park so we could also feed the ducks, but any park will work. I'm sure this will spark up fun conversations of when she would and, for a fleeting moment, will make your mom feel young again.
Price: Free (if you already have food)

Take Her on a Wine Tour

Even if your mom doesn't drink (mine doesn't), going on a wine tour is still a good idea because of the scenery. If she is a wine drinker, all the better, but it still makes for a fun outing.
Price: Varies

I'd love to hear your ideas as well. What do you do for Mother's Day?

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