As we ring in the New Year let's not focus on the basic resolution EVERYONE and their Mother has, losing weight. Let's focus on some other awesome resolutions that are sure to brighten your mood and by doing so help you shed the pounds without the pressure


  • 1

    Start a journal

    No time like Wednesday, January 1st 2020 to begin writing down your goals, your dreams, heart aches and successes.

    Maybe you've been having really vivid dreams, write down what happens and then start googling the meanings to what happened

  • 2

    Chug the water

    Everyone needs water to survive and when your body starts telling you, you're thirsty. You are already dehydrated. Grab yourself a fancy new bottle or if you're trying to save money just use an old milk jug.

    I've seen some pretty cool ideas like writing motivational quotes on the lines as you push yourself to finish an entire jug a day.

    You can do it and you might as well take a picture on day one and then again on day 30 and so on and so forth.

    This year we are bringing back H20 :)

  • 3

    One task a day organization

    Don't overload yourself on day one of the New Year with cleaning out every closet and drawer.

    Maybe you could break it down by room or if you get easily distracted like myself section off the room and tackle one a day.

    Three piles - throw out, keep, donate/give-away

  • 4

    All those clothes

    Let's be honest, there are probably five or six favorite outfits and the rest are the back-ups. Start turning your hangers to face a certain wait to see what you actually are wearing each week.

    If you go a month without touching something. Get rid of it. There are tons of people who would DIE for what is just sitting all sad and lonely in your closet. Be a giver this 2020

  • 5

    Volenteer your time

    We spend a ton of time on our phones and watching tv but not as much time giving back so this year what's something you're passionate about?

    Find a way to give back to the community while doing it.

    Knitting with the elderly, picking up trash on the Greenway, donating your time with the Yakima Humane Society or cooking meals at Rod's House.

    Shoot you could even build a house with Habitat for Humanity or starting a recycling campaign.

  • 6

    Learn a new skill

    Maybe it's time to train your brain to learn a new language like Spanish. Don't have the funds to buy Rosetta Stone? You know there are free classes in town

  • 7

    Donate your blood

    The gift that gives back to others that is SO priceless and doesn't cost you anything but a bit of your time.

  • 8

    A book a month

    Reading is SO good for you mind, body and soul. It helps you escape to far off places, improves your grammar and word usage. Also your spelling and understanding of language in general.

    It lowers your blood pressure and also your anxiety and that's just with ten minutes a day.

    Switch off the phone and tv before bed and read a bit, You will be amazing at how much better you sleep and also how much more rested you feel.

    You can also join my book club ... I don't post a ton but there are some idea to get you started.

    Currently still trying to finish the first of three books in the All Souls Trilogy - A Discovery of Witches. It's so good but sometimes you gotta force yourself to slow down and enjoy :)

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