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After touring as Brooklyn-based grunge band Motive alongside noted acts like The Vaccines and Bear Hands, members Nick Wold, Jacob Wick and Nelson recouped and rebranded themselves as DREAMERS. The trio traded in gurgling guitars for a more psychedelic indie-rock sound.

DREAMERS take their self-appointed brand of "cosmic rock" to the next level with the band's latest single "Drugs," an infectious call-out of technological reliance that expertly pairs power-pop vocal melodies with '90s-inspired guitar riffs. The track kicks off with whining guitars and explosive percussion before tapering into a softer, more controlled verse -- channeling the 'loud-quiet-loud' elements of long-ago grunge heroes like Nirvana and The Pixies in a way that sounds less like a boring regurgitation and more like a fitting homage.

"'Drugs' is a song about our addiction to technology," Wold explained. "We always reach for our phones when we are uncomfortable or have a moment to wait. We crave the constant feed of media, information, and social interaction at our fingertips. It is a new substance for our generation to fixate it's anxieties on. We thought of it as the perfect single for our latest EP You Are Here, a collection of songs that are all about breaking free, and living in the moment."

DREAMERS' 2016 EP You Are Here follows suit, as the band's slight retro-lean makes a case for itself with their first single "Wolves," an infectious update of '70s-inspired guitar riffs and lilting percussion.

Like what you hear? Head over to iTunes to download DREAMERS' EP You Are Here.

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