Jimmy Kimmel is notorious for pulling pranks on everybody from celebrities to family members to even fans of Justin Bieber (see below). So it should come as no surprise that The Kimmel gets punked at his own wedding.

A-List celebrities from Ellen Degeneres to Jennifer Aniston to Ben Affleck and their spouses and significant others are in attendance. Jimmy Kimmel is at the altar, waiting for his bride to be, Molly McNearney, to walk down the aisle. Down the aisle instead, walks actress Gabourey Sidibe!

Bwahaha! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that wedding! For the full scoop on the wedding shenanigans, click on this story from MediaTakeOut.com!

Here's an example of one of the pranks Jimmy pulled on his TV show segment, Lie Witness News, where he tells Justin Bieber fans a host of lies about Justin that his young fans not only believe, but make excuses for Bieber's supposed behavior!