After TMZ reported that Rick Ross had been rushed to the emergency room with possible heart issues, and later reporting that he'd been hooked up an ECMO machine, the rapper/business mogul is back home.

Once again, TMZ reports that their sources say Ross was released in the wee hours of Monday morning and is now receiving care at his Miami home.

On Friday, it was reported that someone from his house dialed 911 and said that he was unresponsive and "slobbing from the mouth" before he was rushed to the emergency room. After reports that he was put on ECMO, support and prayers from the music community came flooding in (except for from 50 Cent) as everyone from LL Cool J and Missy, to Snoop Dogg sent well wishes to the rapper, hoping he'd pull through from his medical emergency.

TMZ says that the rapper was actually in two different hospitals, transferred from one to another due to his condition, and at one point, was in ICU.

Reps for Rick Ross have yet to confirm the exact cause of his hospitalization, though based on his treatment, its assumed it was ultimately caused by his heart. At any rate, Ross is thankfully home, and recovering.


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