I'm not really the athletic-type, but I used to love to play the fun games on the playground. Little activities that kept you active - like exercising without knowing you're burning calories. Some of them only last through elementary school. Problem is once you're done with elementary school, you don't want to be seen play these childish games, although you really want to play them. These games could and should be set in a professional atmosphere. Here are the top 5 games I'd love to play right now that could go pro.

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    Freeze Tag

    Not just any game of tag will work. It's gotta be freeze tag. One person is "It" and he has to touch the other players freezing them in place. To become unfrozen, one of the other 'non-it' players has to touch them. I've also played a variation where a teammate has to crawl underneath the persons legs. I can imagine this game being played on a large, circular playing field. No base, either.

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    Kick Ball

    A game that combines the lull of running on bases in baseball to the not-so-exciting kicking of a ball. For some reason, when you combine the two, it becomes a very fun game that anyone can play. Kick the ball - as hard as you can. Then, much like baseball, you run from base to base. Why is this not a professional sport, yet?

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    Hopscotch, itself, is a game of coordination and balance. It doesn't matter how big you are, how strong you are, just now well you can hop and hold your balance. You could even make this game extreme rules by having pitfalls, icy surfaces and hurdles in your path. Not just a simple 1-10 numbering system. They can have 1000 hopscotch tracks where you compete with other players at the same time. I never cared about the 'tossing the token and pick it up', just make it to the other side is good enough for me.

    Flickr, Sarah Korf
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    Tether Ball

    I was never good at tether ball, but was always fascinated by it. A mid-sized ball on a rope, tethered to the top of a poll. Player vs. Player have to hit the ball in their favor to wrap around the poll in a clockwise fashion. The winner is the one who gets it wrapped all the way around. You could get glove sponsorships and everything in this one.

    Flickr, .daflikelex
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    Four Square

    Definitely my all time favorite playground game that isn't a professional sport, yet. One giant square divided into 4, a player in each square. You bounce the ball into the other players square - if they don't bounce it to another square after one bounce that player is out. One player is considered the captain and sets the rules of each game whether they allow you to slam the ball or allow you to hold the ball instead of immediately bouncing it off to someone else. In a professional manor, I'd love to see this game as a roulette-style rules that randomly present themselves at the start of each round. I'd be first to sign up.

    Flickr, Steve Ganz