In between 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'American Hustle,' Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper filmed another movie, this time for Danish Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier. After the 18-month-long editing process, the first 'Serena' trailer has arrived to give us our first look at the film.

J-Law stars as 'Serena,' a young woman who catches the eye of Bradley Cooper's George, a timber magnate in the Great Depression. And like any of Lawrence's characters, she proves herself to be one strong woman and co-rules her husband's timber empire with a splintery wooden fist. However, she soon learns she cannot bare children and pretty much loses her cool when she finds out that George already has an illegitimate son with another woman. That sets Serena on her newfound murderous pursuits.

Why has it been so long since we've seen anything on this movie? "There were no reshoots or anything like that. It was just a real precision edit because the story is about a woman's descent into madness. And Susanne is a total perfectionist," an insider told THR. "We didn't want to be the okay version of the Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper coupling."

Currently, the film only has international releases, but we're hoping a US premiere will be announced soon.

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