Whoa Whoa Whoa Kraft!  Let me take a minute to collect my self because there is some sexy on it's way through the condiment isle!  Kraft's new ad features a hot male model, as you can see in the picture, with not too much covered!

This new ad has One Million Moms upset (that group that has just HAD it with the filthy ways of media these days).  I will admit it IS a little racy, but coming from an on-air personality that posts sexy men for your viewing pleasure; I find it a lil' exciting!

Ok Ok, I am a mom, and I fully understand the controversy "why" some things are just not OK for young eyes.  I filter what my kids can see, hear, watch, and do. I guess I am sitting on the fence with this one; but setting my mom feelings aside: I have a pretty good view of this new model from up here!

Want to see more of this sexy ad from Kraft?  www.getmezesty.com (oh and FYI you send send your friends a zestygram from this website with hot model!)

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