Like so many 'SNL' scenes, the "Celebrity Family Feud" sketches are essentially an excuse to let a bunch of different cast members try out a variety of celebrity impersonations. But hey, we're not complaining, especially when they give guest host Andrew Garfield a chance to play a spot-on version of his 'The Social Network' co-star (and frequent 'SNL' host) Justin Timberlake.

As always, Kenan Thompson plays 'Family Feud' host Steve Harvey and keeps the whole sketch moving, reacting to his co-stars over-the-top performances with a reliable and very funny deadpan. Although the big showy performance is Garfield's Timberlake, the rest of the cast is no slouch, with members of the cast taking on Bruno Mars, Reba McEntire, Skrillex, Shakira, Drake, Adele and Russell Crowe, who Thompson's Harvey doesn't believe is actually a musician. In fact, Taran Killam's Crowe pretty much wins the sketch when he attempts to prove his musical chops by performing a bit from 'Les Miserables,' which sounds akin to a dying animal (and is thus a perfect recreation of the performance in the film).

Like so many sketches based solely around impressions, there's no real driving focus and the whole thing just ends when they run out of jokes instead of finding a way to actually climax. But it's hard to complain, especially when you get stuff as good as Thompson and Aidy Bryant's Adele flirting.

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