Snoop Dogg has had enough of Kanye West's Twitter antics. He's suggesting the controversial rapper take a break from social media and possibly appear on a talk show.

Like all of us, Big Snoop has been inundated with Yeezy content as the rapper went on a tear on Twitter, blasting Drake for dissing him and reportedly threatening him and his family, and calling out Travis Scott for letting one of said disses be on his "Sicko Mode" track. It's been one big soap opera and Snoop thinks enough is enough. On Saturday (Dec. 15), he spoke out on Instagram.

In the video, the rapper is whipping a vehicle while listening to Drake's "From Time" track, clearly letting it be known what side he stands on. "On some real shit though, cuz. Is y'all getting tired of this nigga Kanye West and these tweets? 'Cause I am," Snoop said.

"I see why nigga, you and Donald Trump hangout," he added. "Nigga, y'all tweet like a motherfucker, cuz. I think that niggaa need Dr. Phil or Maury. You know what? That niggaa need Jerry Springer."

Ultimately, Snoop thinks Kanye's phone needs to be confiscated. "Somebody take that nigga phone," he suggested. "He acting a plum damn fool. Get your ass off your phone nigga and go holla at that nigga in real life. Stop telling the whole fucking world what you're going through. We don't give a fuck!"

Snoop has been very vocal with disdain for Kanye's ways throughout 2018.

Check out Snoop's latest message below.

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