Trying to get in good with the boss may mean trying to get in with the “in” crowd.

A new survey of nearly 3,000 workers by has found that 43% of workers in the US believe there are cliques in their office. That number seems to have an effect, too, with 13% saying those cliques adversely affect their career trajectory.

Forty-six percent of respondents who report working in an office with cliques claim their boss is part of one.

The question then becomes how do you get in good with these so-called cliques? Nearly half – 46% -- admit to taking part in activities that don’t interest them in the name of fitting in.

What exactly do people do in order to fit in with their colleagues?

  • 46% -- Go to happy hours
  • 21% -- Watched a certain TV show or movie to discuss it at work the next day
  • 19% -- Made fun of someone else or pretended not to like them
  • 15% -- Hid their political affiliation
  • 10% -- Didn’t reveal personal hobbies
  • 9% -- Kept religious affiliations and beliefs a secret
  • 9% -- Pretended to like certain food
  • 9% -- Took smoke breaks

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