T.I. has stated it plainly: he isn't a snitch.

On Tuesday (July 7), T.I. addressed those who have accused him of snitching because of his appearance in an old Crime Stoppers commercial. In the clip, he says, "People call me Tip, but this is about another tip that can help our mothers, our sisters, our brothers and our fathers help get the perpetrators who commit crimes against them on the street." He then provides a number for individuals who wish to share a tip on an incident or crime and ensures potential callers that their identity will remain anonymous.

The Atlanta native addressed the commercial while on Instagram Live yesterday, saying that he has never offered any information to law enforcement.

"Aye, and I'ma address this shit," he began, later referencing his 2007 gun charge, in which he faced 20 years, but served one year and a day. "I'ma address this shit too. All y'all niggas on there talkin’ ’bout a Crime Stoppers commercial and all that. Look, man. If I can get from up under 20 years for doing a drop, nigga, you can't convince no nigga to snitch. If he was gon’ snitch, he was gon’ do that shit when he woke up, whether he watched the commercial or not."

Tip goes on to say he has paperwork to prove that he isn't an informant. "I don't care nothing about that," T.I. continues. "The question is, how much...how many muthafuckin’...how much information has Tip ever given any person to get anybody locked up. Zero. So, fuck dat, fuck ya momma sideways up her ass with a dildo, nigga. Anybody got anything to say about me and mine, I got my fuckin’ paperwork, nigga."

The Grand Hustle Records founder further denounced the snitching allegations made against him. "I never gave no muthafuckin’ information to get anybody in no muthafuckin’ trouble naan time with no police, nigga," he adds. "If I am working with a police, it'll be to get him to shoot you, nigga."

Tip isn't the first rapper out of Atlanta to deal with snitching allegations stemming from a Crime Stoppers commercial. Back in May, Gunna appeared on The Breakfast Club and addressed similar claims against him, saying, "I ain't never stop a crime. Never."

Gunna confirmed that he appeared in the episode, but that things were taken out of context. The YSL affiliate explained that he is speaking on his cousin, who serving life in prison for the death of a little girl. The rapper maintains that his cousin is innocent.

Scroll down to see T.I. address the snitching claims around the 25:58-mark, as well as the Crime Stoppers commercial.

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