4th of july

Homemade Fireworks?
There's a lot of talk about firework and firework safety in the Yakima valley. I received a note from the Deputy State Fire Marshal Lysandra David about this matter. Here's a few clues that your fireworks may be illegal.
Yes, you can be everywhere
America’s birthday is today and the folks at EarthCam will be streaming live video of some of the biggest fireworks displays from sea to shining sea!
Why? Because ... ‘Merica!
Not enough of a reason? OK, think about how fun fireworks are ... then multiply that by eleventy brazill…
Smarter smartphone pics
The folks at TIME.com recently had a professional photographer write a list of six tips for taking great pictures of fireworks just using your smartphone.
One of the tips was more in reference to editing and another included the use of a 'selfie stick' and those things should be outlawed so…

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