All dogs go to heaven
Dogs really are man's best friend. Have you ever inadvertently made someone cry and you genuinely felt bad about it? I know I have. There is no doubt that some of you have as well. Here is proof that all dogs go to heaven. Enjoy.
Smoking Seem To Do Your Baby No Harm According to 1951 Better Homes and Garden Baby Book
My wife has this older-than-old baby book from Better Homes and Gardens that originally came out in 1951. During this time, when cigarette ads were on TV and in your cartoons, smoking was just a part of daily life. When you're bringing life into this world, however, this baby book was your go-to book. It was the 'What to Expect when You're Expecting' of the 1950's. You'd think smoking at all would
Silly Walking Baby Will Brighten Your Day [VIDEO]
Oh, babies. They're fun to play with and manipulate when they're so young and pliable. Take this dad, for example. He found out that if he scooted his little one across the floor, holding the baby just a few inches off ground, that the baby would position its feet so it looks like it was running in a very odd manor.
Bizarre Baby Names
  We asked the question this morning on the most unique baby names you have heard of.  You all had some great answers and there were definitely unique (unique actually being one of the names!) names!  In light of the recent reports that Kim and Kanye did in fact name their baby "North West", I decided to also remind you of some other unique, or bizarre, baby names that celebrities have c
3-Year-Old Offers the Perfect New Baby Announcement
Kids, they say the darndest things, amirite?? One couple decided to harness the precocity of toddlers to announce to their friends and family that they're having a baby. When they asked their daughter Adela, to tell the camera what's happening in a few months, boy, oh boy, did she ever tell the world...
DASHing Baby Shower Invitations
Well aren't these invitations just DASHing? Kimye's mother and current co-star Kris Jenner is throwing a baby shower and this invitations are unique to say the least! I remember having a jewelry box like this as a child, I loved finding them for my own kids; but I love seeing this invitation...

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