Back to the Future

Michael J. Fox Surprises Crowd Playing ‘Johnny B. Goode’ [VIDEO]
Michael J. Fox has been living with Parkinson's disease since the early '90s after discovering his condition on the set of "Doc Hollywood." He was given 10 years to live if he was lucky, but 23 years later he's still with us. Fox's Foundation has $450 million for Parkinson's research and he managed to surprise everyone at a recent concert playing two classic songs from "Back To The
A ‘Back to the Future’ Producer Wanted to Retitle the Film ’Space Man From Pluto’
In October 1984, when Back to the Future would’ve been in early-development stages, a producer gave a friendly suggestion to remedy one of the biggest flaws in the project. The script was “terrific”, everything was fine, but that title. Wouldn’t something along the lines of Space Man from Pluto have a smoother flow, make more sense to audiences, and convey what the movie’s actually about much more succinctly?
Hill Valley for a Day
Today, October 21, 2015, is the futuristic day they travel forward in time in the classic movie Back to the Future 2. In honor of this, Reesha and I thought it'd be cool if we could get our city's Mayor to change the name of Yakima to Hill Valley just for today.
Doc Brown’s ‘Back to the Future’ Van Shows Up at Real Twin Pines Mall
Today, October 21, 2015, is the so-called #FutureDay, the day in the future that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in Back to the Future II. There’ll be a lot of celebrating and commemorating that day today (this year also is the 30th anniversary of the original Back to the Future opening in theaters), and here’s something pretty neat: Doc Brown’s original van is parked outside the real Twin Pines Mall for fans to visit and take pictures with.
Back to the Movies
In the spirit of breaking that fourth wall, Orion Cinema in Yakima will be showing Back to the Future 1 and 2 on October 21. The reason it's on October 21 is because October 21, 2015 is the date he travels into the future in Back to the Future 2...

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