Central City Comic Con

Deep Roy Interview
We were honored to have Deep Roy who has been in so many movies and shows in the past 40 years. We asked him about his role as the snail racer in the Neverending Story, how he became every Oompa Loompa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we even have some fun and play 'One Word' with …
Broadcasting Live Today!
Reesha will be broadcasting live today at the Open House event for Nationwide Insurance's newest location!
The party starts at 4pm, giveaways and a live broadcast starting at 5pm, a ribbon cutting ceremony at 6pm, and wrapping up the Open House event at 7pm...
Filling in the faces
Yakima's Comic Convention, Central City Comic Con, is set for another round of fun this Oct. 14-16. Guests are starting to be named and they just announced actor Doug Jones will be in Yakima!
You've probably seen Doug Jones in "Hellboy," "Fantastic Four,"…
Who's super-sick?
It's inevitable. You're in an area full of people, breathing each other's air as you would on an airplane and you end up getting sick. This happens often at conventions. It's been coined "con crud." Did you get it while attending Central City Comic Con?
Comic Con Survival Guide
Central City Comic Con, Yakima's first comic convention, is set to take over the Yakima Convention Center this weekend (Oct. 23-25).
If it's your first time attending this sort of event, you'll want to make sure you're prepared. Here are a few things you should consider...
Calling Comic Con Volunteers
If you want to attend Central City Comic Con but are short on cash to buy tickets, you can sign up to be a volunteer! All conventions rely on volunteers to step up and help out and, by doing so, you'll get free tickets and other exclusive perks of being a volunteer.
Rose Siggins in Yakima
Rose Siggins will be attending along side her American Horror Story: Freak Show companion 'Amazon Eve' at this year's Central City Comic Con in Yakima as a special guest.
Deep Roy Added to the Central City Comic Con Line-Up
Update: Deep Roy had to cancel his appearance due to scheduling conflict.
Deep Roy, as you may know as every Oompa-Loompa in the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as the snail racer in the 80s movie The Neverending Story, will be a special guest at this year's Central City Comic C…

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