Doritos Commercial from Yakima
I'd be as bold as to say just as many, if not more, people watch the Super Bowl for it's commercials than the actual football game, itself. This year, Doritos decided to let the fans make a commercial to submit to win. It turns out one of the commercials is from Brice in Yakima. Let's…
Kmart Commerical Makes Me Want To Ship My Pants
I got a shout out earlier today from K-Mart (on my Twitter)!!
The religious-based boycott group, One Million Moms, declared Kmart's latest commercial to be unsound and unfit for television. I understand that as a parent, you want to shield your kids from unwholesome and/or unneccessary influences of …
(VIDEO) Pink’s New Commerical for Target
I just love PINK in that new Target commercial!
Did you catch it during the "Big Bowl of Superness" Game a couple of weeks ago? If you haven’t seen it, it looks like she’s inside the Matrix 3.0, where everything has gone rogue. It's either that,…

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