5 Things Experts Say To Consider Before Getting a Dog
So, you've decided to invite a dog to become a member of your family. It's often one of the most rewarding and even life-changing moments in your family's life together. But, it's not always without challenges and in fact, I can confidently guarantee there will be trying times. S…
It’s National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!
This is my lil man Gary Bishop Johnson! He is half terrier half chihuahua with all the BEST parts of both breeds. He is so handsome and sweet and I can't believe when my husband and I laid eyes on him at the Yakima Humane Society he had been there for TWO MONTHS...
The Year I Couldn’t Find The Hidden Easter Eggs
Easter is almost here and as my family are embarking on our Easter festivities, I'd love to wish you and your family a great holiday as well.
I do have a favorite Easter story from many years ago and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much I enjoy telling it.

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