Sportsmen Show’s in the Dome — Take a Walk On the Wild Side
Guns, knives, camping and fishing gear, clothing, boats -- and yes, even bears. (The kind that've been through the taxidermist, that is.) You name it, they've got it at the Central Washington Sportsmen Show at the Yakima Valley SunDome. The annual fair, which draws vendors and visitors from all over the region, continues through Sunday...
The redneck angler's guide
My two daughters spent Memorial weekend camping with their Uncle Greg. While fishing wasn't bad at Tieton Pond, the perimeter has some straw on the water's edge. A caught fish landed on the layer of straw on top of the pond, so my brother-in-law tried to use a tethered rake to get it back. Did it work?
Bald Eagle Steals A Fish Right Off The Line
Have you ever had problems with Bald Eagles stealing your fish? Well this guy apparently has. The Bald Eagle swoops down and just takes the fish right off of the guys fishing line! I bet this is one thing that won't happen twice in a row.
National Catfish Day
When you think of catfish, you think of the warm, slow moving rivers and shallow lakes of the southern United States. But people do catch them in the northwest!